SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is techniques to use for developing your web site Search Engine friendly so that web site is able to get high ranking in Search Result. The main goal of SEO is bring much potential Visitors or customers to your web site. It is also helps to develop your online business.

By doing SEO you can engage with your customers and increase your business volume. It is also help to company for generation revenues online.

Important Of SEO -

1)    Help for getting targeted customers: - You know that it is common thing before going to purchase any product, every person search or collect all information about product on internet.

2)    Alternate platform  for Advertisement :- If you have develop your web site perfect search engine friendly then your web site can get high ranking in organic search result. Lot of people uses Google or other search engine to collect information about product.

3)    Increase revenue: - If your web site is search engine friendly and you are getting high ranking like 1st, 2nd or 3rd in organic search result then may be many people purchase your product.

4)    Brand Building: - By following SEO process you can ensure your brand. Search engine friendly web site may increase visibility in front of customers.

There is main two ways to optimize your web site.

(A) ON Page SEO         (B) OFF Page SEO

ON Page SEO: - If you want to do ON Page SEO then you need a web site. In simple words - “Making some changes on web site back end, site structure, URL structure, adding some tags, web site analysis is called ON Page SEO”.

On Page SEO is the most important factor for your web site optimization, it is very critical but if you have basic knowledge about web site development and html tags then really you can play with this. Every search engine gives preferences to ON page SEO implementation.

Below are main On Page Factors

        Title Tag
        Description Meta Tag
        Keyword Tag
        Image Alt Tag
        URL Structure
        Content Optimization
        H1,H2 Tag Optimization
        Anchor Text Optimization
        Internal Linking Checking
        Broken link Checking
        Keyword Density checking
        Create 404 error page
        Robot. Txt
        HTML and CSS validation
        Check Canonicalization Issue
        URL Redirections
        Web site Navigation checking
        Google analytics and Web Master set up.

OFF Page SEO: - Once you have completed with ON Page Optimization you can start OFF Page Optimization but once again make sure you have completed all on page SEO factors. Off page search engine optimization is just link building process.

Off page SEO is very crucial method you need to change strategy every time depending on goggle guidelines.
Off page optimization Process

        Article submission
        Directory Submission
        Social Book Marking submission
        Blog and Press Release Submission
        Free Classified ads submission
        Forum creation
        Yahoo answer
        Video promotion
        Doc Sharing …etc
Following above off page process you can increase number of back links. If you have huge amount of quality back link then Google will give preference to you.

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