Search engine marketing is promoting or advertising any product on internet via search Engine Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search engine marketing is very good technique to gain valuable customers. It is purely paid services and very costly but it is very effectually. If you want quick traffic then start search engine marketing.

In simple words – Buying traffic from internet is called search engine marketing.

Advantages of Search Engine Marketing –

1)    85% traffic comes on internet by search engine so you can get high amount of traffic to your web site.
2)    Search engine marketing is very cost effective advertising.
3)    Alternate platform for advertising.
4)    Measurable Return on Investment platform.

Search engine marketing has main two type of advertising model.

A)  CPC                                    B) CPM   

CPC: - CPC stands for Cost per Click. It is form of advertising where advertisers pay only when user clicks on advertiser’s Ads.

When an advertiser wants some desire action like- Sign up, full fill form or purchase product (Leads) then CPC model is best because It is very effective method. By choosing CPC model you can get potential customers and increase ROI. CPC is also called PPC (Pay Per Click).

CPM: - CPM stands for Cost per thousand Impressions. It is form of advertising where advertisers pay only when advertiser’s ads displayed on search engine for 1000 times.

When advertiser just want to promote any products or services without any desire action then CPM model is best for advertiser. This model helpful for awareness about new product, Brand promotion etc.

There is one another model CPA available.

CPA: - CPA stands for cost per Action where advertisers can set a particular amount for an action like subscriptions, Form submit, download etc. we can called this CPL (Cost par lead) amount.

Search engine is good platform for growing business and generate revenue for every business.

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